Delta Blues Monday #15

Get out your guitar guys and learn a great lick all the way up in the dusty end! Great fun to play once you get the timing sorted. I love the way it switches between swung quavers, straight semi-quavers and…


Delta Blues Monday #14

Its that time of the week again when I tell you all to get out your guitar and spank the plank. This weeks #DeltaBluesMonday features all of those lovely colour tones b3, 3, 4, b5 and b7 but it also…


Delta Blues Monday #12

This lick makes full use of the colour tones! The b3, b7, b9 and the 11th are all used over these 4 measures. I also like how it moves into the upper register of the guitar - good to get…


Delta Blues Monday #11

Here's a great line that uses the b9 of the D7 chord - jazzy but still very much in the Delta blues vibe. Take care with the rhythm of the bass, its very easy to slip into playing on the…


Delta Blues Monday #10


I love this lick because of its use of the b5 - the devils interval! This particular interval was banned from being used in churches in the mediaeval times apparently. I happen to love the sound of it and its…


Delta Blues Monday #9

Its Monday! So that means its that time again to learn a new blues lick. Grab your guitar and check out Delta Blues Mondays #9. 

This one is a proper groovy little thing. Great to play over 2 bars of…


Delta Blues Monday #8

Here's a little something different. We've been doing 4 bars of a dominant 7 chord for about 7 weeks now, so I thought we could look at the next four measures of a 12 bar blues, so here is 2…


Delta Blues Monday #7

Its #DeltaBluesMonday time! I've kept this up for 7 weeks so far, hope you guys are digging it. Free TAB and score below! This one has a bit of an extension in the TAB / Score where you get to…


Delta Blues Monday #5

Its #DeltaBluesMonday time! 

Here’s a fun little lick to try to learn in 5 positions across the neck of the guitar using the CAGED principle. It’s a great way of practising any chord, scale or lick. 

Hope you like it!