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Delta Blues Monday #23 

This intro to 'Sweet Home Chicago' contains all of the classic Robert Johnson turnaround patterns. It moves between the I-IV-I-V chord changes in the two measure phrase and uses that classic shuffle rhythm. I love the chord voicing for the B7 chord too - the 5th in the bass really adds a lot of dirt to the chord. Check out Robert Johnsons 'Sweet Home Chicago' here:


Delta Blues Monday #22 

This week I've decided to amalgamate a bunch of licks from the fingers of Ishman Bracey into a 12 bar blues. This is like a short hand version of what he plays for the song 'Saturday Blues'. I love the way it moves between swung and straight and is really heavy on the downbeat. 

Delta Blues Monday #21 

This slinky little lick comes from the amazing fingers of Son House from his 1930's recording of 'Dry Spell Blues'. Due to my woeful lack of skill in the slide department I've attempted to arrange his lick to work in Standard tuning with a capo on the 1st fret. He plays it in open G tuning (DGDGBD) with a capo on the 3rd I expect. Anyway, check out his version and play along!

Delta Blues Monday #20 

This lovely little lick comes from the amazing fingers of Robert Johnson. Its the intro lick to 'Phonograph Blues (Take 1)' - its a lovely song that really hasn't recieved the amount of attention it deserves I think mainly because of its similarity to 'Kind Hearted Woman Blues' which is by far the one of the most well known blues' in his repertoire. Anyway if you want to play along with him don't forget to put the capo on fret 2! I hope you enjoy it!

Delta Blues Monday #19 

This lick is based on barre chord shapes so you can move it around the guitar neck with relative ease - very useful to memorise so you can play it in multiple keys. The phrase built around the D7 chord makes a good finger strengthening exercise for your little pinky too! Have fun!

Delta Blues Monday #17 

It’s #deltabluesmonday time! Grab your guitar and crack on with this beauty! This is a lovely lick that uses a triplet rhythm to give it a nice skip in measure 3 (watch out for the timing!) I also love the B7#9 sound in the opening; very Hendrix-y.


Delta Blues Monday #15 

Get out your guitar guys and learn a great lick all the way up in the dusty end! Great fun to play once you get the timing sorted. I love the way it switches between swung quavers, straight semi-quavers and triplets. Have fun!

Delta Blues Monday #14 

Its that time of the week again when I tell you all to get out your guitar and spank the plank. This weeks #DeltaBluesMonday features all of those lovely colour tones b3, 3, 4, b5 and b7 but it also shows how you can use one idea to cover 4 bars. Less is definitely more! I think its always good to play something twice if it sounds good and it can be really interesting hearing how the functionality of the intervals change with the chords.