Nine Pound Hammer (Merle Travis)

I've been teaching this one recently to my students on my group guitar lessons subscription service (check out the subscribe section for details)... a cheery little number to get you all through these strange old times! 

It's an amalgamation of…


I'm on Bandcamp

Hey Guys,

I've been working on a solo record over the past year and I'm planning on self releasing it next year on bandcamp. If you're on bandcamp i'd really appreciate a follow on my bandcamp and then we can…


Swaggering Boney (Trad.)

When I was a kid I'd spend most of the year being dragged around gorgeous little pubs in rural Essex following a gang of bald and bearded morris men as they danced and played to unsuspecting audiences. At the time…


Gerry Mulligan's solo on 'Bernies Tune'

Having a lovely time transcribing some jazz solos this week. This is Gerry Mulligans solo on his tune “Bernies Tune”. Some lovely language in there! I love that little bop line in the middle.


Kenny Barron Lick over Autumn Leaves

Here's a lovely little Kenny Barron lick from his solo on Autumn Leaves. I love his phrasing - there's a real flow to his melodic ideas. Have a go at learning this on my soundslice here!

HBO/Punchdrunk 'The Third Day'

Feeling very proud and honoured to have been involved with Punchdrunk and HBO's ‘The Third Day' - a 12 hour long wonderful experiment of theatre, TV and hardcore realism! It was amazing to be part of something so ambitious and…


Breakfast Feud

This is a great little solo from Charlie Christian. It features some lovely little lines over the Eb and Bb opening with a a flurry of chord and colour tones over the Eb... outlining the b3, 3, 5, 6, 9…


Saturday Folk Music Workshops at Cecil Sharp House!

Booking is now open for my Saturday Folk Music Workshops at Cecil Sharp House for EFDSS. I've been teaching on this course for 5 years or so and I absolutely love it! Its open to absolute beginners to intermediate/advanced players…


Six Appeal (My Daddy Rocks Me)

Here's 17 bars of Charlie Christian genius. I love how his solos sound like mini compositions, so much weight and purpose to each line. Hope you like it!


Wholly Cats

So recently I've been transcribing lots of jazz solos by Charlie Christian. I really love his phrasing and thought I'd learn a lot by really honing in on what he does in his solos.. anyway I've also recently become aware…