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My name is David Delarre and first of all let me thank you for visiting my subscribers page!

You probably know me from playing guitar for Eliza Carthy MBE, Steve Harley, Mawkin and possibly my YouTube channel. I make guitar-related videos that I hope are fun, engaging and cut to the heart of the subject matter. My videos range from downright nasty delta blues licks to trad. folk and guitar lessons to my own arrangements and compositions. 

I aspire to create videos and lessons that try to demystify how songs and tunes are built, I like to look at the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic content of a song and work out how and why those note / rhythm choices were made. I try to support the learning of a song with techniques, tips and 'tricks' that hopefully make you a better and more rounded musician. I don't want to just teach you a song, I want to teach you why that song sounds like it does and how we as musicians can go about using some of those techniques in our own playing, compositions and arrangements.

In order to create this content I would like to have you support me and join me in this journey, offering me feedback on the music and videos I make and hopefully learn lots of great music along the way!