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Come and Learn Folk Guitar With Me! 

For a few years now I've been teaching a series of folk guitar workshops on a Saturday afternoon at Cecil Sharp House. I love it! We always get a good amount of people (10-15) and its a really relaxed and fun way of learning in a group. 

There's still a few spaces left for both workshops (Beginner and Intermediate) so please check out this link for more info:


Musicians Retreat 25 - 29th of November 2019 

Hey Guys,

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be co-leading a musicians retreat with Laurel Swift from the 25 - 29th of November this year at Halsway Manor. I've heard lots of great things about 'hallsy' but I've never had the joy of going so I'm really excited about this opportunity to teach, play and make new musical acquaintances. The retreat is for players of any level except complete beginners, and all instruments are welcome. You’ll need to be able to play by ear or be prepared to have a go; if you’re not used to playing by ear then you’ll need to be of an ‘intermediate or above’ standard on your instrument. You can be new to folk, a seasoned folkie, or somewhere in-between. You can find out more about the retreat here:​​​​​​​

Please share it around with anyone you think might be interested!



Introducing... Delta Blues Mondays! 

Hi Guys,

I always get a bit blue on Mondays. I guess its a bit of a come down from a lovely weekend of playing gigs and dashing around the country, so this year to combat those feelings I've decided to do something creative with my time. Every week on a Monday I'll release a video of a fabulous delta blues lick (and teach it to you) on my YouTube Channel. I thought I should take inspiration from my Monday blues and do something fun and bluesy! Along with the video will be a free TAB/Score!

Let me know what you think!




I've finally got round to updating my website, its been on the to do list for some time (right next to learning piano, crocheting a star wars character and boxing). 2019 is shaping up to be a year of dramatic changes in my musical life; Mawkin (my folk band of 16 years) will be hanging up their folk beards later this year and Eliza Carthy and the Wayward Band will be having some what of a fallow year writing tunes and keeping their collective heads out of trouble. All of these changes means I find myself being able to finally work on some solo material thats been bouncing around in my brain for sometime. I'm hoping to create a bit of a Vlog/Blog/YouTube channel dedicated to this side of my work and I hope you guys will want to get involved with that - any suggestions for videos etc will be greatly appreciated! You can contact me here.

All in all, a very exciting time to create a new website! Have a look around, theres videos, photos, tutorials and you can even book a Skype lesson! Thanks for reading guys!