Charlie Parker - 'Groovin' High' Solo Transcription

For this weeks #transcriptiontuesday I took a look at Charlie Parker’s awesome solo on his 1945 recording with Dizzy Gillespie and his Rebop Six. It’s an absolute masterclass in how to nail a II V I’s...I must admit this one absolutely kicked my arse 🍑 and it’s been a real learning curve trying to get all of these lines down. 2 weeks ago I thought I wouldn’t have a chance in hell in learning this but I stuck with it, wood shedded the fuck out of it and worked my balls off 🍒 until I could just about get through it without cringing 😬... Those of you who have been following my #100daysofpractice will recognise a lot of these lines. I decided to learn most of them in all 12 keys to really get them under my fingers. Anyway head over to my soundslice page for my transcription! Enjoy.

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