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Transcription Tuesday! 

Getting back on the transcription train! I’ve not uploaded anything in a while - currently playing guitar for ‘Hadestown’ in the West End which is keeping me very busy with 8 shows a week but I really want to get back into transcribing so I thought I’d give #transcriptiontuesday ago. I love Lester Young’s playing it’s so soulful and playful. If you want to learn my transcription from it head on over to my it’s a really great resource for musicians to learn from.

I'm the guitarist on 'Hadestown'! 

Just noticed my last post on my website was back in November 2023…. whoops. My apolgies for that - one of the main reasons I've not been so busy on my website and on my youtube channel is that since February 2024 I have been playing guitar for the Tony and Grammy Award winning musical “Hadestown” at the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. I'm absolutely thrilled to be playing guitar for this show as I love pretty much anything Anais Mitchell has written so it's a real honour to play her music to the fans 8 shows a week. You can book tickets here:

you can just about see me in the background of this press night image here! Nice to wear a hat for a change. Maybe I'm a hat guy now?!

How To Play: Baby, Please Don't Go (Lightnin' Hopkins) Part 1 of 2 | TABS  


In this first part of the tutorial I teach the form of the song, the chords and the bass line that will get you started to learning this classic from Lightnin' Hopkins. 

You can download my transcription of this by heading over to the downloads page!

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Poor Boy a Long Ways From Home - (Trad. Arr. John Fahey)  

I've been teaching this tune to my group guitar class recently (if you're interested in joining it check out my Patreon and today after changing my strings on my old 1930's Kalamazoo KG-11 I thought I'd do a quick video. The majority of it is John Fahey's arrangement but I got a bit carried away and started to add my own little bluesy things to it. Hope you like it!

Charlie Parker - 'Groovin' High' Solo Transcription 

For this weeks #transcriptiontuesday I took a look at Charlie Parker’s awesome solo on his 1945 recording with Dizzy Gillespie and his Rebop Six. It’s an absolute masterclass in how to nail a II V I’s...I must admit this one absolutely kicked my arse 🍑 and it’s been a real learning curve trying to get all of these lines down. 2 weeks ago I thought I wouldn’t have a chance in hell in learning this but I stuck with it, wood shedded the fuck out of it and worked my balls off 🍒 until I could just about get through it without cringing 😬... Those of you who have been following my #100daysofpractice will recognise a lot of these lines. I decided to learn most of them in all 12 keys to really get them under my fingers. Anyway head over to my soundslice page for my transcription! Enjoy.

Ray Nance - ‘Take the A Train’ Solo Transcription 

For this weeks #transcriptiontuesday I decided to take a look at the muted trumpet solo on Duke Ellington's arrangement of 'Take The A Train'... Ray Nance plays a brilliantly concise and swinging solo this was a great lesson in phrasing and a good reminder that sometimes keeping things simple is all you need, as Thelonious Monk once said “Don't play everything (or every time); let some things go by… What you don't play can be more important than what you do.” If you fancy learning it then head over to my soundslice page:

Lester Young - ‘The Man I Love’ Solo Transcription 

This weeks #transcriptiontuesday is this beautiful solo by Lester Young over a chorus of ‘The Man I Love’ from a 1939 recording he made with Billie Holiday. I love the way his solos swoop up and down, soaring and fluttering - it evokes the memories in me of watching the seabirds that would dive into the ocean on their hunt for prey. I’d sit and watch them whilst supping on a negroni, somewhere on the coast of Amalfi back in my cruise ship days. Ah. He’s got such a unique sense of time and feel. It was an absolute joy to transcribe this one. Head over to my soundslice for the transcription:

Charlie Christian - ‘I Found A New Baby’ Solo Transcription 


#CharlieChristian #JazzGuitar #TuesdayTranscriptions

I'm quite a big Charlie Christian fan and this solo has been on my transcribe list for a while so I knew it wouldn't be long until it got transcribed as part of my #TuesdayTranscriptions. I love his phrasing and those lines over the Dom7 chords - every solo of his is like a little story. If you want to learn this solo head over to my soundslice page:

Django Reinhardt's Solo on 'Django's Tiger' 

#TranscriptionTuesday #GypsyJazz #SoloTranscription For this weeks #TranscriptionTuesday

I actually learnt a guitar solo! ;-) I've always loved this solo of Django's and have wanted to learn it for years. Turns out I just needed a global pandemic to get my arse in gear and work it out. Enjoy! Some tricky little lines in this one. Get my transcription here: I've always loved this solo and wanted to learn it for years. Turns out I just needed a global pandemic to get my arse in gear and work it out. Enjoy! Some tricky little lines in this one.