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Charlie Parker's solo on 'Oh, Lady Be Good!' 

For this weeks #transcriptiontuesday I transcribed this awesome solo by Charlie Parker blowing over an old 1940’s recording of “Oh! Lady Be Good!” with Jay McShann. It was quite a mission to transcribe this... some of these lines do not fall where you think they will and it throws you off track. That little arpeggio shift between the G major and G diminished took a fair amount of wood shedding to get accurate too. 

Feeling grateful that lockdown has at least afforded me plenty of time to get my shit together. 

Onwards and upwards! 

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Miles Davis' solo on 'Billie's Bounce' 

Here's Miles Davis' solo on 'Billie's Bounce' as recorded by Charlie Parker in 1945. I love how understated and simple it is - a 19 year old Miles Davis! Crazy to think it would be another 14 years before he would develop his sound further to create 'Kind of Blue'. If you want to learn it then check out my soundslice here:


Lester Young's Solo on 'All of Me' 

It's #TranscriptionTuesday time! This week I learnt Lester Young's beautiful solo over 'All of Me' on a previously unreleased recording session with Billie Holiday. “Why would anyone discard such a masterpiece?”, I hear you ask. Well, that’s simply because it ran over the three minutes that could fit onto an old-style 78rpm disk!

Here's my transcription of it!

Charlie Christian's solo on 'Rose Room' 

I spent most of last summer transcribing and listening to Charlie Christian. It was a brilliant way of spending lockdown - his solos are so inventive and had such a lyrical way of moving through the changes. I learnt alot about phrasing a solo and trying to keep melodic lines simple. 

Anyway I've just started the process of videoing some of these solos so I can put them up on SoundSlice so you guys can learn them too!

Here's 'Rose Room'. Hope you like it!

A Man of Constant Sorrow (Trad. Arr. Norman Blake ) 

I've been recently trying to explore my musical horizons a little - getting into bluegrass and country. This sort of flat picking for whatever reason has always evaded my list of things to learn! I heard this tune years ago on the 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' soundtrack but only bothered transcribing and learning it this past week. It's a gorgeously simple but effective piece of guitar playing by Norman Blake. Hope you like it!

Nine Pound Hammer (Merle Travis) 

I've been teaching this one recently to my students on my group guitar lessons subscription service (check out the subscribe section for details)... a cheery little number to get you all through these strange old times! 

It's an amalgamation of ideas taken from Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel with a good dollop of me thrown in for good measure. I like this sort of guitar playing... it feels nice to play when you get that thumb swinging on 2 & 4 and you can get a bit carried away with it all and for a moment you forget all the shit that is going on around you. Anyway, for you guitarists out there there's a free transcription / TAB in the downloads page if you fancy learning it - better still - get in touch and I'll teach it to you. 

Thanks for watching!

I'm on Bandcamp 

Hey Guys,

I've been working on a solo record over the past year and I'm planning on self releasing it next year on bandcamp. If you're on bandcamp i'd really appreciate a follow on my bandcamp and then we can all just have a jolly time on bandcamp. Its called bandcamp. 

Here I am!

thanking you in advance! ;-)


Swaggering Boney (Trad.) 

When I was a kid I'd spend most of the year being dragged around gorgeous little pubs in rural Essex following a gang of bald and bearded morris men as they danced and played to unsuspecting audiences. At the time I thought it was all rather embarrassing and was in it mainly for the pork scratchings (20 years before they were cool I hasten to add) and of course the odd occasional pint of beer or most likely half a shandy. Little did I know at the time that I'd spend the rest of my life playing those tunes to unsuspecting audiences and how much I'd learn to love this sort of music. 

Anyway here's an old morris dance tune called Swaggering Boney. I've been teaching it recently at Cecil Sharp House for the English Folk Dance and Song Society - if you want to learn it then its available to download on my downloads page.

Hope you like it!