Delta Blues Monday #9 

Its Monday! So that means its that time again to learn a new blues lick. Grab your guitar and check out Delta Blues Mondays #9. 

This one is a proper groovy little thing. Great to play over 2 bars of A7 and E7. I love this lick because its got that bluesy hammer on/pull off thing going on and then switches between straight 16ths and swung 8ths which really gives it an edgy feel. Hope you like it!


Delta Blues Monday #8 

Here's a little something different. We've been doing 4 bars of a dominant 7 chord for about 7 weeks now, so I thought we could look at the next four measures of a 12 bar blues, so here is 2 bars of A7 and 2 bars of E7. I like this lick because of its simplicity more than anything; you can get a lot out of simple ideas. This is effectively the same lick on the first two measures but playing with different rhythms.

Introducing... Delta Blues Mondays! 

Hi Guys,

I always get a bit blue on Mondays. I guess its a bit of a come down from a lovely weekend of playing gigs and dashing around the country, so this year to combat those feelings I've decided to do something creative with my time. Every week on a Monday I'll release a video of a fabulous delta blues lick (and teach it to you) on my YouTube Channel. I thought I should take inspiration from my Monday blues and do something fun and bluesy! Along with the video will be a free TAB/Score!

Let me know what you think!




I've finally got round to updating my website, its been on the to do list for some time (right next to learning piano, crocheting a star wars character and boxing). 2019 is shaping up to be a year of dramatic changes in my musical life; Mawkin (my folk band of 16 years) will be hanging up their folk beards later this year and Eliza Carthy and the Wayward Band will be having some what of a fallow year writing tunes and keeping their collective heads out of trouble. All of these changes means I find myself being able to finally work on some solo material thats been bouncing around in my brain for sometime. I'm hoping to create a bit of a Vlog/Blog/YouTube channel dedicated to this side of my work and I hope you guys will want to get involved with that - any suggestions for videos etc will be greatly appreciated! You can contact me here.

All in all, a very exciting time to create a new website! Have a look around, theres videos, photos, tutorials and you can even book a Skype lesson! Thanks for reading guys!